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It's Written on the Wall

Thu, November 14, 2013 3:18 PM | Deleted user
Thank you sticky note

Last month, our department performed a SWOT analysis with our entire staff. In order to be sure everyone could attend, we had a couple sessions to choose from. For those that couldn't attend, each person was asked to submit via email their thoughts to be added to the list later. There were a lot of people in each session, so we broke out into multiple groups. We spent two hours in the session I attended. All items were to be consolidated and the results shared with everyone.


I spent two hours just attending. I can't imagine how much time the facilitator put in. We still haven't seen the results and I've thought of a few more items I wish I could have added later.


Bored yet? I am. And it's my own department. All I could think of is, "why didn't we do this electronically?" There is a great program called Padlet.com (formally Wallwisher) where you create online walls and people can add their own "sticky notes" to the wall. We could have had four walls for all areas of the SWOT. We could have been given so much time to add our thoughts. We'd be able to view the results instantly.


At some time in the future, we are supposed to meet and work on goals we'd like to achieve as a results of the sessions. It hasn't happened yet. If our SWOT would have been "flipped" and used Padlet.com (check out en.linoit.com, too) we could have spent our time together working on solutions instead.


I've used Padlet.com to create my publication schedule for this blog. I'll embed it at the end of this blog post. I created two columns:  Ideas and Done. I keep notes on things I'd like to write about on the left. When I blog it, I move the note from the left to the right and re-label it with the month. Notes can have images, URL links, or webcam pic or video.


When I am ready to share the wall, I can embed, email, or print. I've got a QR code for the wall. Users can subscribe to changes. You can email or print the wall. Export options include PDF, Excel or a CSV file. AND there are easy share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pintrest, tumblr and LinkedIn.


Each wall has different privacy settings for Private, Password Protected, Hidden Link (only those with the link, or Totally Public. Also, I can edit the read/write settings, too. If I allow others to post, I can set it for moderation, so I have to approve new posts. What is nice is that I can share the wall with friends and coworkers. When they come across a cool new tool or idea, they are able to post  note in the Ideas section for me to see.


When developing a new training, I can storyboard the sections and move them around or  in/out of the timeline. Not all ideas can make the cut, but it's a nice visual to see where I'm going to take the training.


I've seen this used for digital posters, too.


Lino has apps for iOS and Android. It's has tasks with due dates and all. Lino has more formatting options with note colors and you can rotate or pin notes. You can still share on Facebook or Twitter besides sharing the URL (depending on your public view settings). You can add images, video or attachments, too.


Both are great. Check them out and find the one that will work best for you in your situation.




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