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Celly for On Demand Communication

Wed, February 01, 2017 12:19 PM | Deleted user

If you read my blog post for January 2017, you know I'm working on some goals based on trends in technology and learning. Today's post is knocking off three goals in one:  #1 Microlearning, #3 Consumerization of Learning, and #5 Everything On Demand.

Celly is a mobile messaging app that works from the web, the app or via SMS text message. You have the option of creating groups with a variety of settings. Since so many learners are on their mobile devices every day, being on a mobile app makes sense for me and my learners. This is similar to Remind as mentioned in the January 2014 post, "Remind Me, What Did I Learn?"

A cell is like a group or class. You need a unique "vanity" name for your cell as well as a display name. You can even add a photo for your cell. This is where it gets its name.

You can set your cell's members as open (anyone can join) or restricted. Open membership allows anyone to join without requiring approval. If you choose restricted membership, prospective members will need to request to join by providing a username or password (which you choose and distribute).

Depending on how you want to communicate and interact with your cell members, there are three types of chat mode: 

  1. Curated chat: All messages sent to the cell must be approved by the admin before they are sent to the entire group. This way you can keep the cell conversation on-topic and free of inappropriate comments and control a potentially overwhelming chat stream.
  2. Open chat mode: All messages are immediately viewable by all cell members. Open chat is good for mature group that can handle un-moderated messaging.
  3. Alert Only chat mode: Use this mode if you want to send one way messages. Cell members will not be able to send messages to the cell. This mode works well for mass text alerts, e.g., "workshop cancelled today".

Inviting cell members can be done a variety of ways. You can only invite people to your cell if you are the cell admin or a cell curator.  Go into the cell you want to invite people to. On the right toolbar, you will see the “share” category. Click on the "share" button. A dropdown will appear with  the public link and the golden ticket link

  1. Use the public link to share your cell. It is ideal for neighborhood or community cells, where you may not personally know the members and need to verify identity (via password or username).
  2. The golden ticket, on the other hand, allows anyone who clicks on it to skip the approval process and automatically join your cell.

The one thing Celly gives me that Remind does not is the ability to "hide" my members from each other and limit their communication how I see fit. Now I can share on-demand microlearning and communication when needed on the platform my learners use most.

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