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Tablets for mLearning

Fri, July 01, 2011 9:14 AM | Anonymous
Do you have an iPad? If not, how about a XOOM, Galaxy Tab, or Playbook? They are all tablets, and can do much of the same things. I have an iPad for work and a smartphone (Droid X) for myself. I can usually find the same or comparatively the same apps for either.

If you know your users all have access to a smartphone or tablet, you can use apps. You can find them in the app store for the iOS, Android, and Amazon Markets. Some are free, others will cost. By the time you read this, a hundred more will be released and I just can’t keep up on them all. Just know that a study has been done at a Higher Ed institution and they found there is no one “killer” app for learning. Each instructor found different apps that worked best for them. My suggestion is try it, and if you like it, keep it. Otherwise, dump it. Ask others in your profession what they recommend. Ask your PLN on Twitter. Post a question in you LinkedIn groups.

If you’re still reading, here are some iPad apps others have recommended. I’m sure some if not most are also available for the other tablets and smart phones as well.
  • eClicker is a Personal Response System that allows you to use ‘hinge’ questions to asses understanding.
  • Dragon Dictation allows iPad users to quickly and easily convert speech into editable text that can be copied or sent via e-mail. Great for learners who prefer talking over writing.
  • Mobile Mouse allows you to control your IWB / projected computer from across the room.
  • With the Remote Desktop App you are remotely accessing your computer and you your iPad is acting like a touchscreen monitor. You can control the projected screen fully and see it on your iPad.
  • Use SmartNote to send learners outlines or worksheet activities.  They can then 'write' on them and share them back with you for assessment or send them to the web for pickup at home. Using this app, learners can also audio record ideas or instructions for later use. SmartNote allows users to insert images, browser views, and tons of widgets in a personalized notebook.
  • Use Idea Sketch (free, simple and pleasing to use) to create mind maps. SlingNote and Popplet work great for this, too.
  • Evernote allows you to keep notes and clippings in an online account that you can access anywhere.
  • Use i-Prompt or the "On Air" app to gain fluency when presenting (teleprompter).
  • DropBox account will automatically sync files wirelessly from a laptop to a set of iPads using the same account. You could set up a folder in DropBox for each learner.
  • SoundNote will allow you type notes as well as adding handwritten via your finger or stylus.
  • Whiteboard Free allows you to share iPad screens across a number of iPads. Once you open the app it asks if you want to 'share' your screen.  Once you allow this it means that when one person write on their iPad it will be seen on the other iPads that it has been shared with.
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