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Endings and Beginnings

Fri, March 31, 2017 10:47 PM | Deleted user

Ah . . . spring . . .  We recently recognized the official beginning of spring, the season of new growth and new life.  I love spring with its longer days, green lawns, buds and blossoms on the trees, spring flowers such as daffodils, tulips, crocus and hyacinth.  Lilacs will soon be blooming and sharing their sweet aroma with us.  The beginning of spring also signifies the end of winter.  Instead of snow, we now have more rain which causes growth in nature.  We left behind “ordinary time” and began “daylight saving time” which, in theory, allows us to begin longer days as we move into warmer seasons.  In six to eight weeks, students will experience the end of the school year and the beginning of vacation.  Our lives are full of endings and new beginnings.  As we begin spring, the season of new life, I am assessing my life and am deciding what I want to leave behind as I move into a new season.

                As many of you who have had the experience of parenting can attest to, raising children takes much time and energy.  My son is now in college so this is my opportunity to begin a new phase whereby I can focus on different aspects of my personal and professional life.  I am a life coach and counselor in private practice and I want to focus my energy on teaching workshops, webinars and courses and to get back out and do more public speaking.  I was a teacher in my former life and I love teaching about topics that I have a passion for, namely those related to personal and professional growth (i.e. creating balance, finding meaning and fulfillment, achieving goals and dreams, etc.).  I also have an English degree and have always wanted to be an author, a dream that I am nearly ready to see in the physical world!

                I have recently discontinued working with some insurance companies that I decided were more work than the paycheck was worth.  I also decided to be more selective about the clientele that I am willing to work with as I want to focus on people that give me energy instead of draining it from me.  I want to work with people who are ready and willing to make changes in their lives without excuses!  I am ready to give up the aspects of my work that I don’t enjoy as much so I can replace those aspects with things I do enjoy!  I realize that I can’t make room in my life for the things that are most important to me if I continue to do things that aren’t as important to me.  It is like an overstuffed closet, so full of old clothes that are out of style and don’t fit, that there is no room for new clothes that you love!  Until you get rid of some things, you have no room for anything new.  I guess you could say that I am spring cleaning my professional life! 

I made a list of all of the professional organizations that I have tried over the years and was amazed at how long the list was.  As I evaluated the list, it was obvious that I couldn’t do all of them at the same time and I saw how I had let some go while I replaced those with others.  I realized that some organizations weren’t offering me enough benefits for the time and/or money involved so I let them go.  Some organizations were useful and enjoyable for a while, but lost their luster over time.  Some required more time and energy than I had/have to offer.  I realize that every time I say “yes” to something, I must say “no” to something else. I can’t continue to be involved with all of the organizations that I have been a member of and have enough time to devote to my goals and dreams.  I have joined some new organizations that will help me in this new phase of my career so I have to “clean out the closet” and let some of the others go. 

                I have enjoyed writing the Coaches’ Corner Blog for ASTD/ATD for the past three years.  This has been a great opportunity for me to write about coaching topics and has renewed my love for writing. Although I will miss writing for ATD, some of the members I have come to know, and the professional opportunities ATD has offered me, it is time to make the transition.  As I am ending this chapter with ATD, I am opening a new chapter in my career life.  I am taking my love of writing and am using it to finish writing my book on creating a balanced life which I am hoping to release this summer!  Cleaning out my professional closet is one of the keys to creating balance in my life.  If I am going to teach it, I must live it!  I have joined some writing organizations and am taking advantage of new opportunities to meet other writers and to learn from them as I prepare to publish my first book.

                I am an active member and officer in my Toastmasters club and will continue to do this as I enjoy public speaking and the relationships I have built with this group.  I will continue with my coaching and counseling organizations as they are directly related to my work.  I will look for ATD trainings that are interesting to me and are directly related to my business goals, but I will not be writing the monthly blog.  Maybe down the road, I will clean out my professional organization closet and will find I have room for it.  Until then, I will allow somebody else the opportunity.

                Thank you for this opportunity, for the support, the encouragement and the professionalism you have given to me as a member of ATD.  I look forward to seeing you at upcoming trainings and I wish you all well.  I would like to offer a special thank you to Paul Krutak who has been my proofreader and my contact person for the Coaches’ Corner!  Here’s to new beginnings!

Kolleen Meyer-Krikac, owner of Balanced Life and Wilshire Business Suites, located in Lincoln, Nebraska is a certified life coach and professional counselor in private practice.  She facilitates workshops, offers webinars, is a public speaker and enjoys helping people to “Dream, Plan, Achieve” the life they have always wanted.  She is the author of a soon to be released book on achieving a balanced life. You can reach Kolleen through her website, Balanced Life (www.balanced-life.us), Linked In, Facebook or by calling her at (402) 499-5547.  Check the website or call for more information.

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